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  • Smart Education

    For the frequent events in the preschool education industry, transparent education is realized through remote real-time video monitoring, attendance linkage video capture, message push and video playback, so that parents can see their children's situation in the park in real time, which is also conducive to the management of the campus.

  • Food Safety

    Food is the most important thing for the people and food safety comes the first. Combined with core functions such as remote real-time video monitoring and 24-hour cloud storage video playback, food safety solutions such as farm live broadcasting, bright kitchen project, food traceability system and so on are typical solutions.

  • Smart Home

    Imou provides a wealth of hardware products, such as smart camera, smart locker, hard disk video recorder, alarm sensor, ai equipment, etc. Combined with the openPlatform's functions of video live stream, voice intercom, equipment management, equipment operation, capture and so on, the developer can quickly and easily realize the smart home solution.

  • Alarm Operation

    By building an alarm center and sending special personnel on duty, we can conduct regular, fixed-point and centralized monitoring on key sreas such as communities and shops, so as to find, notify and solve emergencies and events at the first time.

  • Retail Chain

    With dahua intelligent vision algorithm as the core part, imou openplatform provides ai services based on edge and central technology, and provides basic ai services such as face detection, flow statistics, heat analysis and vehicle recognition. Based on basic ai services, it can create relevant retail solutions such as 'accurate passenger flow statistics, customer identification, potential customer analysis, group portrait and heat analysis '.



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