Product Advantages
  • Easy Integration

    Tens of millions of video devices supported

  • Completed functionality

    Account integration, device management, device operation, Live preview, video playback, alarm message, voice intercom provide developers with a complete set of product function list based on video monitoring

  • Fast Integration

    Various SDK and Demo are provided. Developers can quickly master how to connect to the open platform and how to realize video related product functions through the Demo, and directly migrate any code or component to their own applications

  • Security

    Financial level encryption scheme to protect users' privacy

Applicable Scenario
  • Home Anti-theft

    Home Anti-theft

  • Smart Community

    Smart Community

  • Transparent Home

    Transparent Home

  • Alarm Operation

    Alarm Operation

  • Visual Agriculture

    Visual Agriculture

Function Introduce
  • Device Management

    Device binding, unbinding, device list, device authorization and other functionalities

  • Device Operation

    Device remote operation capability, such as snapshoot, WiFi configuration, remote upgrade, dynamic inspection plan / switch setting, PTZ control, local storage format, etc

  • Live Stream

    Support real-time preview of high-standard streaming; P2P services with independent research and development, efficient and stable point-to-point services; MTS streaming media service has flexible capacity expansion, fast streaming, and supports million level concurrency

  • Cloud Video Playback

    Cloud storage video playback and download supported

  • Voice Intercom

    Support two-way voice intercom between client and devices