Security & Privacy

Imou Cloud Complies With The Requirements Of The Industry Compliance And Continues To Build A Safe And Reliable Cloud Ecological Environment White Paper Preview

Data Privacy Compliance Certification

ISO 27001

Maintain The Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability Of Information Through The App Of Risk Management Process, And Provide Best Practices For The Establishment, Implementation, Maintenance And Continuous Improvement Of Information Security Management System

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ISO 27017

Provide Cloud Service Providers And Cloud Service Customers With Specific Security Controls And Their Implementation Guidelines. Based On ISO 27002, 7 Control Measures That Need Special Consideration Under Cloud Technology Links Are Added. Through This Certification, Imou Cloud Will Establish A More Perfect Cloud Security Management System And Improve The Overall Cloud Security Service Capability

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ISO 27018

The First International Standard to Guide Cloud Service Providers On How To Protect The Security Of Cloud Users' Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The Standard Provides A Set Of Additional Control Measures And Related Guidance To Solve The Public Cloud PII Protection Requirements That The Existing ISO 27002 Control Measures Fail To Meet. The Certification Marks That Imou Cloud Has Reached A High Standard Of Industry Best Practice In Privacy Protection

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ISO 27701

Through The Methods Of Establishment, Implementation, Maintenance And Continuous Improvement, It Puts Forward High Requirements For Information Security And Privacy Information Management. Imou Cloud Has Passed The Certification Of The Privacy Information Management System, Which Is Of Great Significance To Improve And Improve Product Data Security And Privacy Protection Capabilities, And Accelerate The Construction Of Global Security Compliance System

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IoT Service Privacy Protection

Provide Comprehensive Assessment Services For Physical Security, Data Security, App Security And Network Security Of IAAs / PAAS / SaaS Layer For Imou Cloud, And Carry Out Penetration Test Verification. Imou Cloud Has Passed The IOT Service Privacy Protection Certification, Which Represents That Our Network Security And Privacy Protection Capabilities Have Reached The Industry-Leading Level

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CSA STAR Certification

One Of The Most Valuable Qualifications In The Field Of Cloud Security, Comprehensively Evaluate The Cloud Security Management And Technical Capabilities Of Cloud Computing Service Organizations In Combination With The Requirements Of Cloud Control

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